DelPat v9

Rock drilling blasting software, better results in design. Therefore accurate drilling, good blasting, optimum fragmentation, low costs and daily recordings. Now, please see the sections below to better understand or learn about the software


Summaries of some features of DelPat and direction to the user manual to details

User Manual
Navigating through user manual can be helpful for DelPat better learning
Data Analysis

The drilling-blasting parameters produced by DelPat as numerical and graphical forms


You may download and purchase full version of DelPat

Screen Capture

You can see many screenshots about sections of DelPat v9

Watch Video

Your computer to watch while running sections of DelPat

Pattern Tool

Learn basic drilling and blasting information about your project


You can see of activities about DelPat that have been published


Lessons about drilling, drill machines, blasting and explosives and DelPat